Video Bike

We love the Video Bike. Both every skill you have mastered and every error you make are recorded by this fantastic "on-board camera coach". This bike is used exclusively at our Two-Day Camps. Every Two-Day Camp student rides the bike several times and his tapes are reviewed with a Riding Coach to accurately chart the rider's progress. You even take the tape home.

The video bike looks over your shoulder so you can go over every move later with the Video Review Coach.

All braking, steering and throttle actions are caught on tape so you can dissect your application of riding techniques with no guesswork.

A coach with a nose-mounted camera on his bike tapes a Level 3 student to review body positioning on track.

Check out the Track Videos section of our Multimedia area. They were all shot with the Video Bike.We recommend that you view a clip of the course you are going to attend (as they become available) before you attend our school.