Keith Code's Biography

Here is a chronological list of Keith Code's motorcycle activity; riders he has trained and discoveries he has made over the past quarter century.

Keith Code
Keith at his first race in 1961

1961--Begins road racing.
1974--Becomes a typical California street squid canyon racer.
1974--Returns to racing at the club level after 10 years off.
1974--Does four club races, does well, wins one or two.
1975--Does a few more club races as top finisher.
1975--Gets a ride with Yoshimura in club events.
1976--Continues to ride and test for Yoshimura, wins some club events.
1976--Starts writing down his research on riding techniques.
1976--Begins the "Keith Code Rider Improvement Program" for club level racers. Gets astonishing results. Student lap times improve an average of 7 seconds a lap. Press dubs him The Guru of Roadracing.
1976--Gets to winners circle in his first ever Superbike race at Laguna Seca.
1976--Begins research on visual skills. Defines reference points and other key visual skills.
1977--Organizes the new-rider training for the AFM South racing club and runs it.
1977--Does the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Riding Coach course in Sacramento, CA
1977--Trains new riders at MSF courses and for dealerships.
1977-78--Begins publicly sharing his discoveries by holding lectures for racers on riding technique.
1977-78--Begins to apply training techniques to self and wins 11 out of 12 California events in GP and other classes.
1977-79--Active member, board of directors, AFM race club.
1979--Retires from Superbike racing.
1979--Keith hooks up with Richard Lovell and forms the California Superbike School. Richard came to America with the idea of starting a track school from his experience at Brands Hatch where he worked for the track's own school. On calling around to magazines, Keith's name was given to him as the guy who trained riders. The two established and ran the schools together until Richard went on to family business in Wisconsin in 1987.
1980--Starts the first high performance school, the California Superbike School
1981--Contracts with Kawasaki Motors Corp. to train dirtracker Wayne Rainey in roadracing techniques. The rest is history, he goes on to win 3 500GP World Championships and AMA Superbike Championship.
1982--Takes the Superbike School nationwide.
1982--Writes the instant best seller, A Twist of the Wrist book. Still selling in quantity worldwide.
1982--Superbike champion Eddie Lawson agrees to write his notes and comments in Keith's first book after attending Superbike School sessions.
1982--Keith asks and Eddie Lawson helps instruct at Superbike School sessions.
1982--Develops the no-brakes rider training format, used by many.
1983--Becomes first teacher to break riding into specific drills and employs them to schools.
1983--Coaches Steve Wise for Honda race team. Steve was fearless but crashed a lot. He made it into the winners circle 11 out of the next 13 Superbike and Formula 1 races with Keith as his coach.
1984--Works with Superbike champion Wes Cooley for Kawasaki. Team Muzzy/Kawasaki staff member, Sparky Edmondson said. "What did you do to him, I've never seen anything like that before!" after Keith brought him from a string of distant 7th place type finishes to winners' circle after coaching him for only one race!
1984--Develops the panic-stop training bike.
1984--Works with national champion dirtracker Ricky Graham to start his roadracing career for Honda.
1984--First Twist book translated into Japanese.
1984--First Twist book translated into German. Becomes immediate best seller.
1984--Works with national champion dirtracker Bubba Shobert to start his roadracing career for Honda. Bubba went on to win the Superbike championship.
1984--Starts training dirtracker Doug Chandler in roadracing. Doug wins 3 Superbike Championships and podiums in 500GP riding for Factory Team Suzuki.
1984--Develops and implements first ever high performance, step-by-step rider training format.
1984--Begins training Donnie Greene who goes on to win 3 National Championships after Keith's coaching.
1985--Holds seminars for racers to test techniques he writes about in The The Soft Science of Roadracing Motorcycles book. Riders get immediate results. Publishes the book.
1985--Wayne Rainey likes the material and agrees to write notes for the book.
1986--The Soft Science of Roadracing is published and is still the only workbook for racers. Daytona Winner Dave Sadowski later says, "I don't need you as a coach anymore, I have the book with all the answers!"
1986--Writes, produces and technically directs the world's first rider training video. Still number 1 in the world after 16 years.
1986--Soft Science of Roadracing book translated into Japanese.
1987--Develops on-track style instruction with immediate handsignal feedback.
1987--Develops on-bike video training.
1988--Twist video is dubbed in Japanese.
1989--Works with Thomas Stevens. Later becomes Superbike Champion.
1989--Coaches David Sadowski. Goes on to win Daytona and other races.
1989--Coaches Fred Merkel. Goes on to win world Superbike title.
1989--Addresses Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) on riding technology.
1990--Coaches Dale Quarterly. Goes on to win national championship and quits crashing.
1990--Student Doug Chandler wins his first Superbike race, acknowledges Keith's coaching.
1990--Twist video translated into Spanish.
1990--Twist video translated into German.
1990--Produces the first ever full season of roadracing on TV in America, covering the national Formula USA Series.
1990--Resumes coaching of Donnie Greene. Wins another National 250cc title.
1990--Holds first schools in Australia.
1991--Holds first schools in Guatemala.
1991--Starts coaching Scott Russell. Russell begins Superbike career and publicly acknowledges Keith's help. Wins USA and World Superbike Championships.
1991--Voted Motorcyclist Magazine's, Motorcyclist of the Year, for his students and other rider training accomplishments of the past decade.
1991--Coaches Jake Zemke for a season. Jake later becomes national podium regular and Formula Extreme Champion.
1991--Coaches Mike Smith. Mike goes on to win National Formula USA title.
1992--Coaches factory rider Jamie James.
1992--Chuck Graves becomes Code student. Wins Formula USA title.
1992--At age 47 returns to 250 racing to research A Twist of the Wrist, Volume II. Does pretty well for an old fart. Winners circle at club events, runs in top 10 at some national events.
1992--Discovers quick turn riding technology.
1992--Writes Twist Volume II. Still number one book on high performance riding today.
1992--Discovers pivot-steering technique.
1992--Is honored by Motorcycle Safety Foundation for promoting rider safety.
1993--Discovers hook-turn body positioning technique.
1993--Writes the world's first researched understanding of Throttle Control.
1993--Dissects and presents understandable data on rider input and its effects on handling.
1993--Continues 250 GP racing for grins and giggles.
1993--Writes columns for Sportrider and Motorcycle Consumer News.
1993--Twist, Volume II translated into German. Becomes German bestseller.
1994--Gets into bicycles and invents a corrective device for rider's shoes, patented.
1994--Writes A Gear Higher book on bicycles featuring team Yetti rider Marla Strebb.
1995--Returns to Australia to do schools, by popular demand.
1995--Starts Australian Branch of Superbike School.
1995--Completely restructures Superbike School training format into 4 levels.
1996--Develops in depth training courses for riding coaches.
1996--Does 125 GP bike schools with Moto Liberty to test new training techniques.
1996--Does Harley-only schools to prove new training format works with any rider.
1996--Ben Bostrom comes to school and then works with Keith.
1996--Eric Bostrom comes to school and consults with Keith on riding.
1996--Works with Roland Sands. Sands immediately quits crashing (one to three times per race) and goes on to win national AMA 250 GP title.
1997--Develops and releases the Steering Drill: trains thousands of riders worldwide.
1997--Starts Superbike Schools in the UK. Schools rocket to number one in nation.
1997--Coaches Sean Higby. Higby becomes top twins competitor.
1997--New visual drills added to the schools already successful ones.
1997--Invents, patents and implements the Lean & Slide bike.
1998--Coaches Tommy Hayden back to winners circle from injuries and bad finishes.
1998--Coaches 1990 250cc World Champion John Kocinski. JK finishes season with 9 podiums and Wins 1997 World Superbike Championship.
1998--Creates the No BS bike to sort out countersteering and body steering.
1999--Lean & Slide bike sales overseas to foreign training centers.
1999--Australian branch expands into Malaysia.
2000--Consults with Chuck Sorensen. Chuck wins national 250 title again and again.
2000--Develops corner-attack technology and adds it to school curriculum.
2000--Develops Knee-to-knee, quick flick stability techniques and adds it to school drills.
2000--UK school wins top road school award at prestigious Motorcycle News annual awards.
2001--Race And Competition Experience curriculum developed.
2001--Employes radar at the R.A.C.E. schools for immediate feedback on technique.
2001--Schools expand to France and Spain.
2001--Invents corrective Body Alignment Device for rider training at schools.
2002--Both Twist books become audio books on CD on CD.
2002--Completes and introduces his wheelie-trainer device.
2002--Schools expand to Greece.
2002--Australian branch expands to the Philippines.
2002--Norwegian DMV adopts Code technique-oriented approach to rider training.
2002--Student count reaches 100,000 riders trained at Superbike Schools worldwide.
2003--Twist, Volume 1 interactive CD version released.
2003--Keith's Slide Bike device becomes standard training for Police, Fire and Civil Defense officials in Singapore.
2003--The school adds Sweden and Ireland to its tour schedule.
2003--Superbike School rider's forum is launched at
2004--School adds South Africa to its tour schedule.
2005--UK school staff train Thomas Luthi, wins 125cc World Championship.
2005--Coaches Leon Camier. Becomes British Supersport Champ.
2005-'06--Starts coaching 9-year-old Peter Lenz, goes on to win 9 mini roadracing titles.
2006--UK branch of the school adds Dubai in the Middle East to its schedule.
2006--Develops specialized advanced motorcycle safety program for the US Marine Corps, referred to as the "gold standard" of motorcycle safety training by USMC leaders.
2006-'07--Coaches Josh Herrin for Graves Motorsports, wins first National.
2007--Coaches Australian Superbike Champion, Marty Craggill. Marty returns to the podium in AMA Formula Extreme.
2007--Becomes Ambassador and Speaker for Foundation for a Drug Free World, getting "The Truth About Drugs" booklets distributed.
2007--French version of "A Twist of the Wrist, Vol I" published and sells out first printing.
2007--Motorcyclist Magazine asks Keith to do a monthly column called "Code Break".
2008--Dubai, Turkey, South Africa are added to UK Branch school schedule.
2008--"A Twist of the Wrist, Vol II" is translated into Estonian.
2009--Keith writes and produces the long awaited "A Twist of the Wrist, Vol II, DVD" to rave reviews.
2009-- Leon Camier, breaks all win and poll setting records and wins British Superbike championship. Leon is assisted through his stellar season by both British school director, Andy Ibbott and Keith.
2010--Polish, Russian, Italian "Twist" books and DVD translation deals cut.
2010--New Zealand school branch opens at the country's newest track facility, Hampton Downs.
2010--After a great 30 year relationship with Kawasaki, Keith switches to BMW and outfits the school with complete stable of ground breaking S1000RR's.
2010--Leon Camier lands himself a factory WSBK ride with Team Aprillia, Keith coaches him to podium finishes around the world.
2010--School and Keith Code private student, Austin Dehaven, wins 2010 AMA Supersport title.
2010--School student, Joe Roberts, is chosen for European Red Bull Rookies Cup competition. Sets track record at Brno and visits podium on several occasions.
2011--Becomes regular contributor for Fast Bikes magazine in England.
2011--Bar-B-Que Hamburger is named after Keith by Jon Auster, Seattle, WA
2011--Turkish translation of A Twist of the Wrist II is published
2011--Italian translations for A Twist of the Wrist II are completed
2012--Research showed him that there are 25 recognizable faults riders exhibit while steering a motorcycle. He develops corrections for all of them.
2012--Keith catalogs the 57 aspects of body positioning and how to correct any problems with them.
2012--Further breaking riding down into simple step-by-step procedures, Keith expanded the school's portfolio of 20 on-track exercises to 101 individual drill assignments for coaching Superbike School students.
2013--Superbike School student, Joe Roberts, in his first AMA season won 5 out of 5 series events; a first in American Supersport racing with Keith coaching at every round.
2013--"A Twist of the Wrist" is translated into Mandarin Chinese and released to instant success in Taiwan.
2013--"A Twist of the Wrist, Volume II" is translated into Czech, published by the world famous Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic and released at their Moto GP race.
2014--"A Twist of the Wrist, Volume II" Italian translation released.
2014--The school's Australian branch runs sessions in Taiwan to rave reviews.
2014--The California Superbike School celebrates its 35th year, its 14 millionth track mile and its 150,000th student.

Keith started riding in the dark ages of motorcycling, the 1950's. He first raced in the 60's at age 16, again in the 70's, 80's and 90's. He went to design school; was a photographer; designed and manufactured shoes for the stars; sold pretzels on the street; was a full on drug addict in the 60's; cleaned up with Dianetics; became a writer, inventor and dedicated himself to understanding and teaching the art of riding motorcycles. He was the first person to put words to roadracing and riding, and his research continues today.

Keith lives in Glendale, California with his soul mate of 43 years, Judy. He has one son, Dylan.